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Gorilla Two

Gorilla Two

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Gorilla Two


A semi-automatic can seamer designed for the needs of the hospitality industry. 

Please allow for a lead time of 2 weeks from order.
  • Gorilla Two


    • There are three variants of the Gorilla Two:
      1. Regular - 202 ISE. Compatible with regular 330, 440 & 500ml cans (extra spacers for 330ml sleek cans available on request).
      2. Slim - 200 B64. Compatible with 150 & 250ml slim cans (extra spacers for 200ml slim cans available on request).
      3. Foil End - 202. Please get in touch to order. Our foil peel off ends offer full aperture opening. Compatible with 330, 400 & 500ml regular cans. Suitable for canning ground and whole bean coffee and non carbonated drinks. (A 500ml can will hold approximately 200g of coffee).  These ends are not suitable for carbonated drinks. 
    • Push button operation. Repeatable, electronically controlled mechanism. 
    • 7 second cycle time. 
    • Polycarbonate guard keeps your bar top clean.
    • Electronic cut-off on guard opening isolates moving parts from user.
    • Stainless Steel and Aluminium construction keeps Gorilla Two shiny and corrosion free.
    • Quickly switch between can sizes with included spacers. No adjustment necessary. 
    • Freestanding design. No need to bolt onto benchtop. 
  • End Type Options

    Each version is compatible with a range of can sizes as follows:

    • Regular 202 ISE - 330, 440 & 500ml regular cans. Spacers to allow compatibilty with 330ml sleek cans available on request.
    • Slim 200 B64 - 150 & 250ml Slim cans. Spacer to allow compatibilty with 200ml slim cans available on request.
    • Foil End 202 - 330, 440 & 500ml regular cans. Spacers to allow compatibilty with 330ml sleek cans available on request.
  • Specifications

    • Power: 24DC power supply max. 7.5A 180W
    • Size: 470 x 214 x 214mm
    • Weight: 13 Kg
  • In the Box

    • Gorilla Two Can Seamer
    • 24V DC Desktop power supply
    • UK mains plug to C14 cable
    • 440ml spacer 
    • 330ml spacer (or 150ml spacer with Slim Can version)
    • Spare shims
    • Instruction Manual
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