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Gorilla Canning

About US

Based in Bridport, Dorset, back in 2018 we created Gorilla with the ultimate aim of reducing plastic takeaway packaging.

How? By giving hospitality businesses an easy alternative to plastic cups and bottles without compromising on functionality or design. The infinitely & highly recyclable nature and overall practically of aluminium cans made the idea of canning fresh drinks to takeaway our goal.


To achieve this, businesses need a way to produce cans without the use of the ‘full production’ level seaming equipment and so with that, we set to work developing a small, affordable but perfectly functioning can seamer, suitable for even the smallest of bars and restaurants. In July 2020 the ‘Gorilla Seamer 2.0’ was launched and hand built, as are all our machines in our Dorset workshop.


We have since developed the can supply further, offering cans from 150ml to 500ml and all sizes in between to suit any drink size from martinis to taproom beers.

We also offer different labelling options so that you can add your own label or have us print and apply your custom design, ensuring we can provide the complete canning solution for any business to dive into the world of selling takeaway drinks.

Gorilla is a small company and we take pride in our after-sales support and our personal approach to business.

It’s easy to Contact Us and we are happy to help in any way we can, so please get in touch if you think our businesses could work together.

Pete Gorilla Canning


Responsible for product development and production. Pete has a background in engineering and the Food and Beverage industry. Reluctantly, now known as 'can man' amongst friends.

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Steve Gorilla Canning


Packaging & Labelling.

 Responsible for packaging, labelling and everything in between. Steve is our can do man.

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