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Why Cans?

Aluminium as a raw material rules over plastic in many ways.

Why? Because aluminium is lightweight, strong, durable and most importantly, infinitely recyclable.


Every single can produced can be recycled again and again, while retaining all its original properties, meaning putting a used can into the recycling is the path to sustainability.


Around 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today and it takes around just 5% of the energy to recycle aluminium than it requires to prime new metal. Recycling aluminium cans over and over again saves energy, raw materials and waste headed to landfill. Recycling just one tonne of aluminium saves up to 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


Aluminium cans recycled in the UK are melted down and turned into ingots (blocks of metal ready for further processing) of aluminium, which are then used to make new cans. This is known as closed loop recycling, because new cans are created from recycled old cans. This is a relatively swift recycling process and a used can is able to be sold as another can in just 60 days, and this cycle can occur an infinite number of times.

BLK Metal Recycles_edited.png

Cans are lightweight, strong, durable, chill quickly and are easy to carry, making them the smart and sustainable solution to sell homemade drinks, beers and cocktails for takeaway and delivery. 


There is a wide range of can sizes to choose from including 330ml, 440ml and 500ml for traditional beers and larger drinks as well as slimline versions of 150ml and 250ml perfect for shorts and cocktails, all supplied with fast delivery and no minimum order.


Cans allow your business and products to stand out with labels produced to suit any design. You can add your own label or we can print and apply your own custom design.


Want your business to be more sustainable by reducing plastic? Want to increase revenue by offering great tasting draft beers to take away to the park or signature cocktails on the beach? All possible when you switch to cans.



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